The eWon drivers provides eWON devices with a flexible solution for extending communication protocols. The software is installed directly into eWON device and can be controlled by the native web interface. For sake of simplicity the configuration is done via web interface, in the same way you setup an eWON TAG.


Key features

  • Read tags from configured devices
  • Communication status of configured devices
  • Transparent use of serial port and/or TCP/IP socket as communication channel
  • Multithreading: one thread per communication channel
  • Compatible with Serial-Ethernet converters
  • Communication status monitoring
  • Communication packets monitoring (sent/received)
  • Start/Stop commands made easy
  • Serial port released in Stop mode
  • Compatible with eWON's eVCOM
  • Compatible with eWON's MODBUS Gateway
  • Integration with eWON's Real-Time Log


On download section you'll find all you need to use eWon drivers:

  • Illustrative brochure
  • eWon drivers user guide
  • Guide for each developed drivers
  • eWon drivers Installer, available only for (free) registered users



New Firmware compatibility

eWon Driver eXtender v5.01RC now available. 

This version is now compatible with eWon Flexy 13.x firmware.

Download the new release

New license file format

eWon Driver eXtender v3.18 now available In this version was added support for new license file format and better debugging logs. The new license file format is introduced to ensure more transparency to the end customer: new licenses will include the eWON serial number (to which the license is tied) and the type of license (demo / full). Old licenses are still supported.

Now there is a dedicated configuration guide for each driver in the download section.