The cost of eWon Drivers eXtender is independent from the number of TAG to read. Every driver has to be purchased separately, so if more than one driver is needed request a quotation and do not use this form.
License is an activation file to be trasferred to the eWon and is bounded to the eWon's hardware. To get the full version of eWon Drivers eXtender follow these steps:

  • Download eWon Drivers eXtender demo version, if you haven't done it yet;
  • Fill the form below and complete the payment;
  • CP Sistemi will send you a registration key for the selected driver;
  • Transfer the received file to the eWon.

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Info about license name

License name is used to identify the license, and has to be choosen by the Customer. It can be, for example, the Company Name, or the Project Name, or whatever the Customer likes.

Info about eWon serial number

You can find the Serial Number of your eWON on the identification label placed at the left hand side of the housing or in the eWON Diagnostic pages (under Status / Info menu)