It is possible to request free demo licenses to evaluate the product for 10 minutes since eWON start. License is an activation file to be trasferred to the eWon and is bounded to the eWon's hardware.
You need to request one demo license for each of the drivers you want to use.


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Info about license name


License name is used to identify the license, and has to be choosen by the Customer. It can be, for example, the Company Name, or the Project Name, or whatever the Customer likes.

Info about eWon serial number


You can find the Serial Number of your eWON on the identification label placed at the left hand side of the housing or in the eWON Diagnostic pages (under Status / Info menu)




New Firmware compatibility

eWon Driver eXtender v5.01RC now available. 

This version is now compatible with eWon Flexy 13.x firmware.

Download the new release

New license file format

eWon Driver eXtender v3.18 now available In this version was added support for new license file format and better debugging logs. The new license file format is introduced to ensure more transparency to the end customer: new licenses will include the eWON serial number (to which the license is tied) and the type of license (demo / full). Old licenses are still supported.

Now there is a dedicated configuration guide for each driver in the download section.