The Modbus RTU driver is compatible with all devices that support the Modbus RTU protocol.


To use this driver, or to evaluate it, you need to download the last release of eWon Drivers eXtender from the Download section.

The Modbus RTU driver implements the classic Modbus RTU serial protocol, so it has a similar functionality to the native eWON implementation on serial buses (e.g. RS-232 or RS-485).

However, exploiting the flexibility of the eWon Drivers eXtenders, this driver can be used in conjunction with cheap “dummy” Ethernet/serial bus converters, which are not capable of Modbus/Modnet packet translation.

The Modbus RTU driver can open a TCP connection to the gateway and send/receive serial Modbus RTU packets over-TCP.

The gateway will manage TCP-wrapped packets communicating to the eWON and clean Modbus RTU packets communicating to the final Modbus RTU device.


The Modbus RTU driver supports:

  • Coil Status flags, Input Status flags, Input Registers, Holding Registers;
  • Independent block size configuration for each device;
  • Exception responses

Tested Ethernet/serial bus converters:

  • Anybus Serial Server
  • Moxa Device Server NPort Series