The SmaNet driver, commonly used in renewable energy application, is compatible with Schuco PV Inverter and SMA's Sunny Inverter Series (Boy, Mini central and Island).

To use this driver, or to evaluate it, you need to download the last release of eWon Drivers eXtender from the Download section.

NEW in eWon Drivers eXtender v3.08 or later!

In this new version of driver the TAG list is automatically generated in the eWON folder. With this new feature, we are able to read the tags of all SMA inverters with SMANet protocol.

With eWon Drivers eXtender you can retrive the istant value of inverter, for example:

  • Vpv
  • VpvSetPoint
  • Iac
  • IacNominal
  • Vac
  • Fac
  • Pac
  • Zac
  • Dac
  • Riso
  • UacSrr
  • FacSrrZacSrr
  • IZac
  • Tkk
  • Ipv
  • ETotal
  • hTotal
  • hOn
  • PowerOn
  • ErrorCnt
  • Mode
  • Status
  • Error


Tested with SMC6000A-IT, SB1700-IT, SB3000-IT, SI 5048 EH